Power Information

Infection of the body via lethal or non-lethal poisons


Concentration or touch




Toxikinesis is a Kinetic Ability that enables one to manipulate and generate powerfully fatal and non-fatal poisons. This power allows one to either touch one and pass them a poison or even generate poisons into their body without any form of physical contact.


  • Killing: Poisons that can be generated and manipulated by toxikinetic beings can be proven lethal against those who are not immune to them.
  • Paralysis: Toxins of non-lethal nature that can be manipulated and generated can cause anyone not immune to them to become totally or partially paralyzed.
  • Foreign Body Resistance: Although a power in itself, toxikinesis can allow one to be immune to all known diseases and poisons. This power can also protect others.


  • Will not work on those who have immunity to poisons or disease.
  • May not allow for the creation of other worldly poisons.
  • May not protect against other worldly diseases and toxins.
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