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Enter the mind of one or more people






Telepathy is a Mental Power that enables one to enter the mind of one or more people.

Other NamesEdit

  • Mind Reading
  • Mind Control

Applications & AssociationsEdit

  • Telepathic Download: A power that is a major application for those who are very powerful telepaths is the power to transfer their consciousness into another person in order to come back later on in a different form.
  • Telepathic Shielding: The ability telepathy is applied and associated with is the power to erect psychic shielding in one or another's mind in order to protect from other forms of mental attack.
  • Telepathic Illusion: A very unique application of telepathic powers is the ability of a telepath to enter one's mind and make them see things that are not even there.
  • Telepathic Cloak: Somewhat similar to the application of telepathic illusion, the use of a telepathic cloak enables one to enter the minds of others in order to keep them from being able to see them with the naked eye.
  • Mind Reading: Arguably one of the most common applications and associations with the power of telepathy is tha ability to read one's mind.
  • Mind Control: The other arguably most common application and association with telepathy is the ability to take control of one's mind.
  • Mental Blocks: Telepathy enables one who is very powerful, the ability to create mental barriers within one's mind in order for them to forget memories or parts of their life they don't wish to remember.
  • Empathy: A power on it's own, empathy can definitely be applied and associated with telepathy.

Known UsersEdit

  • Isabella Wyatt: A powerful witch who died in the 1440s, Isabella Wyatt was a gifted telepath who utilized her powers to transfer her mental consciousness into her husband's brain before dying via burned at the stake. She would later teach her husband how to use this power in order to transfer her mind into the recently vacant body of Paige Matthews.


  • May require intense concentration in order to achieve telepathy.
  • May be blocked by certain materials or even headwear.
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