Telekinetically Enhanced Condition
Telekinetically Enhanced Condition
Power Information

Enhancement of physical attributes via influence of telekinetic powers






Telekinetically Enhanced Condition is a Kinetic-Based Technique enabling one to enhance their physical attributes via telekinetic powers. A technique like this makes one more likely to avoid injury and even death when encountering foes superior in strength and power.

Associations & ApplicationsEdit

  • Enhanced Human Durability/Invulnerability: One with telekinetic powers has the ability to enhance their body to make themselves more resistant to physical harm. Some can even exceed durability limits and therefore make themselves virtually immune to physical harm.
  • Enhanced Human Strength/Superhuman Strength: Telekinetic powers can also enhance one's physical strength levels either significantly or to that of superhuman levels.
  • Enhanced Human Agility/Superhuman Agility: A major application for this technique would be the ability to enhance one making them significantly more agile. They can even make them even more agile to levels that are superhuman.
  • Enhanced Human Speed/Superhuman Speed: Applications of this technique also include the either significant increase or major increase in one's natural speed.
  • Accelerated Healing/Superhuman Healing: Through the use of telekinetic powers, the user if injured can heal his or her wounds faster without having to receive medical attention of any kind.


  • May require constant focus in order to maintain this technique.
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