Superhuman Strength
Power Information

Lift Tons over one's head & Fight with great strength






Superhuman Strength is a Physical Power that allows one to lift tons over their head with effortless ease beyond their physical limits. This power is also incorporated by beings possessing unique combat skills. It makes the being much more denser than a normal person and allow them to lift more as well as incorporate their strength into very powerful physical attacks.

Against a mortal, those with superhuman strength can in fact kill them with one fatal blow if enough strength is behind the attack.

Associations & ApplicationsEdit

  • Invincibility/Invulnerability: Powers that superhuman strength is a major application and association with consist of those where the individual can withstand either virtually or absolutely every known attack.
  • Superhuman Stamina: A major application of superhuman strength would be the ability to have the energy to remain in a fight far longer and beyond the limit of one's species.
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