Superhuman Speed
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Move at Superhuman Speeds


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Superhuman Speed is a form of Physical Power that allows one to move at speeds so fast, that they seem invisible to the naked eye. The only thing is that it is not the same as Teleportation due to the fact that the person needs to move in order to achieve travel with speed than with teleportation. The ability is used by both Demons and Whitelighters.


  • Vampires: The species of immortal bloodsuckers are known to move at speeds faster than the average person.
  • Demons: The monsters of the underworld are known to have the ability to move at superhuman speeds.


  • G-Force Adaptation: Superhuman Speed has the ability to allow those who possess it to adapt to the gravitational forces of Earth.
  • Enhanced Physical Attributes: When moving at superhuman speed, the power enables one's physical attributes such as strength, stamina and other abilities to be enhanced.
  • Accelerated Metabolism: When it comes to moving at superhuman speed, those who possess it have a very fast metabolism, allowing them to maintain a healthy and hardy figure. It also increases healing speed and endurance as well.
  • Flight: Despite what many believe, superhuman speed can be applied to the power of Flight in order to get to locations faster.
  • Decelerated Aging: Despite what many believe, being superfast can also enable one to have Decelerated Aging.
  • Invisibility: Superhuman speed has also been known to apply itself to the power of invisibility. This is done if one can vibrate their body at speeds so fast, one cannot see them with the naked eye.
  • Intangibility: Another application for superhuman speed is the power of intangibility. This is caused by the vibrating the body and enabling one to actually go through solid matter.
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