Power Information

Ability to shape into the physical form of another & back


Mental Picture of person or Imagination




Shapeshifting is a type of Metaphysical Power which allows one to take the physical form of another and back to their original form. This is done by the use of a mental picture or thought within the user's head, allowing them to shift into another or someone of their own imagination.


  • Accelerated Healing: Shapeshifting allows one to heal from physical injury far faster than those of their own species.
  • Enhanced Physical Attributes: The natural enhancement of one's strength, agility, reflexes, etc.
  • Longevity: The ability to cease the aging process of a person who has it and allow them to live much longer lifespans than they are supposed to physiologically.
  • Age Manipulation: Being able to physically change their form, those with shapeshifting powers enable one to change their appearance, in turn making them look older.


  • Richard of Lancaster: Possessed by the Source of all Evil, Richard of Lancaster is known to have the power to change his physical appearance at will with ease.