Lucius Dorian Wyatt
Biographical information

September 1483

  • Harry
  • Lucius
  • Marital




    Physical description

    Life Essence



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    Family information
    Family members
  • Prudence Wyatt (Wife)
  • Maximilian Wyatt (Father)
  • Isabella Wyatt (Mother)
  • Edward, Duke of York (Uncle)
  • Nicholas Wyatt (Brother)
  • Melanie Wyatt (Sister-In-Law)
  • Leo Wyatt (Uncle, Deceased)
  • Melinda Wyatt (Aunt, Deceased)
  • Magical characteristics
    Active powers
  • Immortality
  • Persuasion
  • Affiliation

    Ludlow Castle

    Character information
    Portrayed By

    Max Irons


    Lucius Dorian Wyatt is the Life Essence son of Maximilian Wyatt as well as the brother and husband of Prudence.



    Max's eldest child Nicholas was happily married to Melanie. Although they were happy, Max realized that his younger daughter Prue was lonely and desired a mate for her own. With that Max offered to create another Life Essence whom Prue named Lucius. With the name selected, Max created the Life Essence named Lucius and sought out a host body for his newest child.

    He found a host that looked exactly like him named Henry Gray who longed for death. Max offered it to him in exchange for his body, which he agreed on. Max killed Henry and took his body back to Ludlow Castle where his son took over the body. Upon acquiring a new body, Lucius was introduced to his loving bride for the first time.

    Three Months LaterEdit

    Three months after his birth, Lucius and Prue remained a happy couple and had decided not consummated their marriage until after their father's coronation. Upon the day of the coronation, Lucius and Prue attended the ceremony, which was where he first met his uncle Edward. After the ceremony, Lucius and the others met to discuss their new ways of life, including when and when not to conduct magic. By nightfall, Prue wished to not lay with her beloved due to the fact that she was scared of giving herself to him. Lucius was very sympathetic toward her feelings on the matter and explained that even he was scared of it too, but promised he would be very gentle. Hearing this, Prue was relieved and Lucius took his bride up to their room where they consummated their marriage. Not five minutes after making love to each other, Prue started feeling ill and realized that she was pregnant with their child. Running to their mother Isabella for help, Lucius and their mother found that she was indeed pregnant. Lucius was shocked to realize that it happened so suddenly and Isabella explained that because it was mating season for their species and this was the most likely result of making love.

    Hearing this, Lucius promised his beloved that he would be by her side through the whole pregnancy. Hearing this, the couple then kissed each other.

    Powers & AbilitiesEdit

    • Immortality: As a Life Essence, Lucius is known to remain the same age as and can live forever. He is also virtually immune to all forms of death.
    • Persuasion: Endowed to him by a potion which Prue created, Lucius has the power to make people hear suggestions he is saying to them via his own voice.


    • Lucius' name is a homage of three different characters. His first and middle names come from the characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray. The last name comes from the Wyatt Family in the hit TV-Series Charmed.
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