Power Information

Ability to live longer than others






Longevity is a Physical Power that allows one to live far longer than any member of their species.

Applications & AssociationsEdit

  • Semi-Immortality/Immortality: Longevity is a power that has long been associated and applied to the abilities of both Semi-Immortality and Immortality. This is due to the fact that both abilities allow one to live longer and potentially forever.
  • Accelerated Healing/Superhuman Healing: Longevity has also had re-occurring associations and affiliations with the power of accelerated and superhuman healing. This power can usually endow one with this ability.
  • Decelerated Aging: A major association with longevity is the power of decelerated aging, which allows one to age slower than their species' natural aging speed.


  • Despite it allowing one to live longer than anyone else, longevity doesn't grant immortality or even semi-immortality. Although it is possible, longevity is still not guaranteed to grant such abilities.
  • May show signs of aging and decrease in power overtime.
  • This ability doesn't guarantee someone is immune to death.
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