Godlike Healing
Power Information

Ability to heal like a god


Constantly Active




Godlike Healing is a Physical Power that enables one to heal from attacks to speeds that are faster than both Superhuman Healing and Accelerated Healing. This power is usually associated by Gods and godlike beings.

Associations & ApplicationsEdit

  • Accelerated Healing/Superhuman Healing: Godlike healing is a power that is definitely applied and associated with it's inferior counterparts.
  • Foreign Body Resistance: Godlike healing is also known to be associated with the ability to make one immune to disease, drugs and even other harmful foreign contaminants.
  • Invincibility/Invulnerability: A power such as godlike healing can be associated and mostly applied to the power making one absolutely immune to all known attacks. It can however be associated with the ability to make one virtually immune to physical harm.
  • Absolute Immortality: At times godlike healing has been associated and applied to the power of complete immunity from death.
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