Crucifix (A.K.A "The Holy Cross" or "Cross") is a religious-based weapon and holy item of the Christian church. It is known to be a very effective repellent and injuring weapon.

Overview Edit

The Crucifix is a highly powerful weapon and repellent against those who are known to be within the underworld. It is the most iconic weapon to use against Vampires and other beings. In order for such a weapon to work, one must first hold it in front of their enemy and at the same time put their total faith in the cross for it to work. If it comes into contact with the skin of an underworld being, then they will be burned and have an imprint of the cross on their body. This in turn will cause them great pain and is either permanent or a temporary injury.

There are those who are much older or more unique that can withstand crucifixes and even when the user's total faith is in it, cannot hurt them. The weapon is usually either big or small, either way it's extremely effective.

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