Anne Neville
Biographical information

September 19, 1469


August 16, 1485 (aged 18)



  • Lady Anne (formerly)
  • Princess Anne


Physical description
  • Life Essence (Formerly)
  • Demon-Witch (Formerly)
  • Vampire
  • Gender


    Hair color


    Eye color


    Skin color


    Family information
    Family members
  • Edmund of Lancaster (Husband)
  • Maximilian Wyatt (Father)
  • Isabella Wyatt (Mother)
  • Nicholas Wyatt (Brother)
  • Isabel Neville (Sister)
  • Magical characteristics
    Active powers
  • Immortality
  • Telekinesis
  • Flaming
  • Persuasion
  • Sexual Inducement
  • Basic powers
    Magic items



    Ludlow Castle


    Maximilian Wyatt

    Character information
    First appearance

    The Queen of Ice

    Portrayed By

    Faye Marsay

    "Anne. For as long as I've known you. Nobody has ever loved you more than I have. If I ever lost you, I would be nothing more than memory"
    Edmund speaking with Anne about his love for her[src]

    Anne Neville is a Demon-Witch and Maximilian and Isabella's oldest and adoptive daughter, and also the sister of Isabel. She is also the wife of Edmund of Lancaster.


    Richard's Death & AdoptionEdit

    Anne and Isabel were the children of Richard, Earl of Warwick and Anne Beauchamp. When Richard died, Anne headed for France leaving her young ones behind. Hearing this, Maximilian had them sent to Ludlow Castle. It was there that she and her sister were offered to be adopted by Max and his wife Isabella. They were happy to hear this and as a result became their daughters from a young age.

    Death & RebirthEdit

    By the age of 18, Anne unfortunately contracted Tuberculosis. This caused her to become bed ridden, however Max created a Life Essence for her before her death. Upon her death, the essence took over her body and came back from the dead.


    After resurrection, Anne had explained to Max that she had the ability of seduction. This in turn made her curious if it would work on his son and she asked Melanie if she could spend one night with Rod. Agreeing to this, Anne waited for Rod who arrived that night and made love to her.

    As a result, Anne became pregnant and wanted Roderick as her mate. Roderick who told her he was already married, offered to make her a mate of her own. Accepting this, Roderick created Edmund and for a bit, he was thought to be Edward of Lancaster.

    Reborn a VampireEdit

    "Anne is my life and I won't let her die!"
    —Edmund to Roderick.

    After Edmund's arrival in body, Roderick decided to poison Anne and her unborn child. Edmund, upset by this was determined to preserve her life and the life of the baby tried to save her. Roderick insulted Anne to Edmund's face, resulting in Edmund stabbing him with his Dagger and then using his blood to heal Anne. Edmund told her to lick the blood off the blade which she complied and her body became healed.

    After being transformed into a Vampire, Anne was in need of blood and her husband took her to the dungeon where he taught her how to feed without killing anyone. With that, she felt better and he brought her back to their room. Asking him why he was so protective of her, Edmund responded with "Anne. For as long as I've known you. Nobody has ever loved you more than I have. If I ever lost you, I would be nothing more than memory". Anne, happy to hear this, started shedding tears and the two kissed one another.

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